Save the babies!

But don't be distracted by their cuteness. You need good reflexes in order to position Captain Quick and Steady Betty in time to bounce the babies over to Mom. With a simple gameplay mechanic, the game starts off slowly but quickly turns into a torrent of falling babies. Each baby has their own distinct personality, but those Ninjas can be unpredictable.

Wait, what? Ninja babies!?

Tap or tilt to move the firefighters one position to the left or right. Three positions, a building on fire and babies to bounce to safety. Easy to pick up, but can you beat your friend's high score before you put it down?

Pick-up-and-play retro gaming for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring Game Center leaderboards, arcade music, squeaky sound effects and chunky pixel action.

Why does she have so many babies?!

Code/audio: Brian Kokernak - Graphics: Carl Jagt

Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch